Geamana mine toxic pollution next to a photo of Tom Collier

Who’s Pulling the
Strings for Pebble Mine?

Meet Pebble Mine
CEO, Tom Collier

Who Profits if Pebble is Permitted?

Meet Pebble Limited Partnership CEO Tom Collier. Tom is working to get a federal permit for Pebble’s proposed mega mine. And Tom has 12.5 million reasons to get that permit as soon as possible.

That’s right – according to the company’s own filings with the SEC and Collier’s testimony before Congress, Collier will receive a $12.5 million “extraordinary bonus” if the Army Corps signs off on its Record of Decision for the Pebble Mine this Summer or Fall.

This project should be dead, but it isn’t. Tom Collier has helped to keep this project moving through the federal permitting process in spite of its flaws; his bonus depends on it. In fact, in the past year, the Pebble Limited Partnership has spent more money on lobbyists than any other mining project anywhere else in the country. And the faster this project gets approved, the bigger Collier’s bonus will be.

Who Loses?

Alaskans know that Alaska Native tribes, commercial fishermen, and sportsmen will be hurt by the Pebble Mine.

If fully built, Pebble Mine will poison Bristol Bay with up to 10.2 billion tons of toxic waste and threaten 14,000 Alaskan jobs. Despite this, Tom Collier stands to get a $12.5 million bonus if he gets the mine approved. Scientists, Alaska Native tribes and corporations, commercial and sport fishermen, hundreds of business owners, and well over a million Americans have weighed in against Pebble. 62% of Alaskans oppose this project. They know it is the wrong mine in the wrong place.

There’s Only One Payday

Some of the biggest mining companies in the world have already taken a look at the Pebble project and walked away. Major mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Anglo American, First Quantum Minerals, and Mitsubishi know a risky project when they see one. And former mining executive Rich Borden has projected that the project has a net present value of negative $3 billion. Tom Collier’s $12.5 million bonus is one of the only certain paydays this project has to offer.

Photo of Tom Collier

Collier once infamously said,

“No one gives a rat’s ass”
what happens in Alaska.

Take Action


Alaskans know it is wrong to put one of the world’s wildest and most productive places at risk for the sake of a $12.5 million bonus. We must stand up and protect Bristol Bay once and for all.